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Lilith's Realm 2 by Villenueve   Stamp for Lilith's Realm by PhantomShayle

Lilith- Ancient name...

Darkness caresses your eternal beauty,
the moonlight bathes you with its delicate light,
soft wind kisses your pale skin,
waking up your senses with the symphony of fallen angels,
while worshiping choirs are sung at your realm,
as the crave and lust enshroud you,
bringing you to life from your immortal dream.
Mother of the fallen,
Queen of the Sheol,
Lilith is ancient verb,
Dark Goddess of velvet voice,
heathen desire
unholy communion of primal delight,
desecrating the innocence,
forbidden word delivered in crimson kisses,
utter bliss captivating your soul under the night.

* Poem at Villenueve's gallery.

Lilith's Realm proudly presents its Highlights of the week -22nd Edition!,showcasing the best of our galleries, selected by our great staff, congratulations to our selected artists and thank you to my wonderful staff for the excellent hardwork!:clap:

Enjoy our featured Highlights of the week!:star: Congratulations!:clap:

The Contamination of Sandra Wolfe by conzpiracy

EDEN II by Carlos-Quevedo


Opium by BigBad-Red

5 dark Souls by nova63

Phoenix by Annie-Bertram

Countess Valentine 15 by rsiphotography

Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~ Liliths-Realm Guardian

Submission rules:

Whenever an artist joins to a group or site,the artist must read rules and follow them.
By reading our rules and checking our galleries, the artist will see about the kind of material that our galleries accept, or where to submit every work, etc, below, you will find a brief explanation of every category and what kind of material is accepted at them, please, click on the category's title, it is linked to every gallery, from there,at each category, you can submit your works, just click on the 'Submit to this folder button' -placed on top of the page-. Please,do not hesitate on asking if there is any question related to our categories and submissions, post at the journal or please send me/send us a note.

*The rules at Lilith's Realm are clear, follow them and your art will be accepted!*

Clarifying this because while there are groups that accept everything, we DO NOT!, most of you know the way we work, if we send a request is because the work is great and fits with our themes/subjects, pointing this issue out because suddenly I am finding out that old members who have been supported by us, start submitting art that is nothing dark, well then if you new or old members don't read rules and submit careless, do not complain, make a drama or leave offended because we declined your art!

Whenever Lilith's Realm requests the work of an artist,it is because we love that creation,it is also our small way for thanking our members for joining us!
***We don't accept requests made from our members,so please submit only your own work.

****Please,submit to the right categories and follow the rules or your work will be declined! -we really can't spend the whole day moving works into the right/proper category,we hate declining art,but it is why we make an emphasis about reading and following the group's rules-****

Controversial as much as fascinating,from ancient-biblical times she is a demoness,a succubus,a nocturnal spirit from evil or a seductress, her story or her myth has survived until nowadays...

This group is dedicated to Lilith: her legend and myth...This is her shrine.

Our group is dedicated to the Darker side of life, death and beyond in the name of her Demonic Majesty Lilith!, our galleries will only accept art depicting the power and darkness of female deities -as Lilith is and has been over the centuries- we also accept art depicting Vampires, Demons, dark/fallen Angels and all female-dark power creatures, gothic/victorian ladies,etc...

**This group's aim is to collect the best and finest art works including poetry and literature in general -vampiric,gothic and dark above all...-
All the submissions must convey powerful emotions...please check our galleries before submitting.
*Only the highest quality submission will be permitted.

***Note: We don't accept drawings -NO WIPS-, No linearts...if a drawing/painting is accepted,it is because of the high quality and it must be finished, NO Manga, NO anime, NO fanfic, NO Anthro....any Non dark art work will be declined.

**NO fairies,No mermaids,while these creatures belong to the world of fantasy,they don't fit into the vampiric world...No werewolves either accepted.

*Animals and children are beautiful but they don't fit with our group's theme,you can submit art where a dark female vampire is with cats,etc,but please do not submit just a wolf, tigers, etc. they need a person -female-
Children are beautiful and sweet but they aren't accepted here.

***We DON'T accept religious images, nor related with Saints and white angels, please, read above: we are a DARK group,for dark art!
**No female robots,nor futuristic art. NO Clown women either.
* NO ID's,NO stamps,NO cosplay nor personal snapshots dressed as any dark creature,NO Promotionals, NO CD Covers, NO retouch, NO stock.
**No body parts: No lips, No eyes,no mouth...etc ~*Except a mouth with fangs -a female vampire's mouth-~

***Lilith's Realm worships vampires!

**If a work is declined,it is because that work does NOT fit with our main theme: Lilith,nor with the group's subjects and/or galleries.
***We usually don't accept art where male vampires,demons and mortals are depicted as the main part of the work,though the Galleries: Members work,Blood,Pain and Transformation and emotion accept works where male and female are couple...***

**While Lilith's Realm does not have a limit of submissions,we ask our members to use their own criteria for the amount of deviations submitted,3 works are a fair amount,while 7 or 8 submissions from a single artist in a row are a bit of exaggeration,especially if you have a small gallery.

Galleries/Categories for admiring and submitting art:

Members work -This category accept most art from our artists -only members- almost all art is accepted here,of course it must match with the subjects/themes we have at Lilith's if for some reason our members don't find the proper category for submitting, please send your work to this category.

Emotions -This category is for all those works depicting any kind of emotion,for example: Anger, wrath, sadness, loneliness, despair, lust, craving, excitement, desire, love, fascination, passion...etc.
What is an emotion?: Basically,it is a feeling,something we feel from deep causes a mental reaction, typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.

Poetry-Prose...Literature -This category accepts vampire poems,stories where vampires, witches, succubus, ghosts and all those dark creatures are depicted.
Dark-erotic poetry or stories,poems and stories for Lilith are also accepted.

Photography -This category is for all those images taken with a camera -not photomanipulated-
of course, the images must be related to our subjects: Vampires, witches, sorceress, dark ladies, etc...
The images can also show: ladies at a graveyard, gothic, victorian or related to any of our mentioned subjects.
**Only high quality/good quality images will be accepted into this category,**

For Lilith -The title speaks by itself,in this category is only accepted that art you want to give as a gift to Lilith,for example: A rose,something related to the vampire world,vampire fangs,tasteful works depicting blood,etc...

The Beauty of Lilith and Her Sisters -This category accept and displays almost all those works depicting The Beauty of Lilith and Her Sisters,for example: Famous Vampires: Akasha, Mekare, Maharet, Claudia, Pandora, Bianca, Mina Harker...also,this is the home for all those works where the female dark beauty is sublime and ethereal: Witches, Sorceresses, Female Vampires, ghosts, dark princesses and queens,etc...

The Darker Side of Lilith and Her Sisters -This category is the home of all those works where the dark female side is depicted,it can convey a strong emotion as for example: anger -the work can depict a witch,a demoness,a female vampire, a succubus, dark ladies walking in a cemetery, black widows,etc in a moment where the dark beauty is feeding, killing, poisoning, tantalizing, teasing, seducing...-
The dark female power can be shown as a nightmare,an apparition -ghostly or ethereal in the dark style-

Blood, Pain and Transformation -This category is the home of those works in which a vampire is bornt, a fallen angel borns to the darkness, a witch shows her evilness, a succubus steals life, a demoness rises to the the same way,you can find here all those works depicting what the transformation to the dark life can cause: pain, death, rebirth, awakening to the darkness, immortality, etc.
An example of pain:
The moment where Mina is seduced by Dracula...the moment where Mekare and Maharet are transformed to the vampiric life...Claudia drinks from Lestat...
An example of death:
where the life of a female vampire is over by killing herself,exposing herself to the sunlight...the moment where a witch is burnt or killed in any way.
An example of Rebirth:
The first bite,where a mortal delivers herself or himself to the vampire's seduction becoming her/his lover, the awakening to the darkness by a witch's seduction, when a dark creature steals life from a mortal one, transforming he/she into another dark creature.

Lilith's Realm galleries

Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~ Liliths-Realm Guardian

More Journal Entries

Custodians of Lilith's Realm


Regent of the Realm:

Senior Staff-
Administrators & Observers:

Senior Guardians:
:iconvampirekingdom: :iconphantomshayle: :iconsilentfuneral: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconscarlettletters: :icondark-angel669: :iconcelairen:

Senior Moderators:
:iconshades-of-lethe: :iconstellartcorsica: :iconadarkmuse: :iconaelathen: :iconhardleydavidson:

We are here to ensure the smooth running of this group, every staff member has proved his or herself to be dedicated to this group. If any member should ever have any cause for concern or need help we are here for you.

Honorary Staff
They may not be active but have earned the right to remain until they can return:
:iconmortal-cyn: Always a place for her here
:iconvampyre1: Here from the start and promoted it.
:iconisra2007: :iconc0nfuzzle:

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Gallery Folders

Literature Contest
Highlights of the week.
Dark Tales From the Sea-Challenge

Dark Arts

:iconliliths-realm: is dedicated to the Demoness Lilith if you have any other dark art may I recommend you check out our sister groups 'When-Darkness-comes' or 'Nosferatu-Lovers' they have a very broad range of galleries.

We have a policy of only accepting Photorealistic works or Classical Art

Cartoons, Manga and Sketches are not normally accepted

Our Sister Groups
:iconwhen-darkness-comes: or :iconnosferatu-lovers:

Liliths-Realm is primarily Demonesses, Lilith and Dedications to her. Although we do accept emotionally powerful works of exceptional beauty and power.

This is her shrine and I am her willing host and guardian of this group.




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